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Astellas partners with CanSurvive to raise awareness on prostate cancer in Egypt on the occasion of World Cancer

04th February 2016 in Other activities

Cairo, Egypt; February 4, 2016: Marking World Cancer Day in Egypt, Astellas MENA/SSA has announced its partnership with  CanSurvive, Egypt’s leading groups for cancer patients in the country to raise awareness on prostate cancer.  The announcement has been made at  the Cancer from Patients’ Perspective (CPP) event, which is being held on the occasion of World Cancer Day in Cairo. The event brings together 16 patient organizations from the region to highlight cancer patient experiences.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Osama Elnawasany, Medical Affairs Director, Astellas MENA/SSA said, “Through our partnership with  CanSurvive and other patient organizations in the region, we aim to spread awareness on prostate cancer. Discussing cancer in a forum such as CPP is a positive step in opening discussions on sensitive medical topics including prostate cancer. Astellas remains on the cutting-edge of prostate cancer therapy due to the partnership we keep with patients and their doctors. We have included this region in our worldwide ASPIRE-PCa Registry so that investigators can include their eligible patients into the registry to participate in Astellas’ research.

 Dr. Mohsen Mokhtar, Professor of Clinical Oncology at the Cairo University Kasr El Aini Medical School in Egypt and Chairman of  CanSurvive, added: “World Cancer Day is a time for patients around the world to be recognized, to share their experiences, and for patient groups to emphasize their advocacy for greater access to treatment and better quality of life for cancer patients. We are pleased with Astellas’ participation at CPP event” 

Dr. Osama Elnawasany, Medical Affairs Director, Astellas MENA/SSA, concluded: “Prostate cancer is not discussed in the region often enough. Due to the lack of knowledge and awareness of the disease, men in this region are diagnosed once they are already past the early stages of the disease. The ongoing frustration is that this disease has a high potential for a complete cure if it is diagnosed early. Men above 45 years of age with family history of Prostate Cancer or those above the age of 50 years with no family history of Prostate Cancer  should visit their doctor for regular checks.”

Prostate cancer is a growing concern for the MENA region. The latest statistics from Egypt indicate that prostate cancer is among the 10 most common cancers in men.[1] The primary concern among specialists in the field of oncology and urology is that many patients are not realising the severity of their symptoms and are therefore seeking medical attention in the later stages of the illness. The survival rate of prostate cancer is high if diagnosed early.


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About ASPIRE Registry

The ASPIRE Registry is a prospective, multinational observational study of men with later stage prostate cancer.  This new global study will examine patterns of care and outcomes among registered patients. The target sample size of patients has been set at 2,900 men.  The objective is to better understand how patients are treated in daily clinical practice. Documenting treatment practice is the first step before beginning clinical trials. Clinical trials would only begin after the unmet medical need is determined.


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