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Suffering from ‘got to go now’ feeling – UroGuide launched to offer support to overactive bladder (OAB) patients

12th March 2017 in Other activities

  • UroGuide and OAB Awareness campaign has been launched to address lack of bladder disease awareness
  • UroGuide is available for download from Lebanese Urology Society website 
  • Failing to seek medical advice results in patients suffering unnecessarily with the burdens of OAB

Beirut, 3rd March 2017. Lebanese Urology Society in partnership with Astellas Pharma have developed and launched the UroGuide (educational booklet) and the Overactive Bladder (OAB) awareness campaign. Both initiatives address the lack of awareness of bladder diseases and aim inform about bladder health, especially by addressing the understanding of what is normal and abnormal bladder activity.

OAB affects more than 400 million people worldwide1 and 65% of patients report that their daily lives are adversely affected by OAB2. Patients suffering from OAB mostly complain about burden on social and working life – constant rushing to urinate, anxiety when away from washrooms and fear of suddenly passing urine in public, which can lead to reduced social activities, isolation, embarrassment and poor self-image3. The condition also affects personal life, especially the relationship amongst husband and wife. Waking up several times during the night disturbes sleep, which could lead to other health and personal life problems.

Dr Raghid El Khoury, President, Lebanese Urology Society said: “Due to the embarrassment caused by the condition and its association with old age, OAB is often reported to doctors at late stages. It is estimated that 40% of OAB sufferers have never consulted a healthcare professional2. The launch of UroGuide and the OAB awareness campaign will clarify what is normal and abnormal bladder activity, provide recommendations for behavioural therapy that can be started immediately, and indicate when they should seek medical advice.”

The objective of the OAB Awareness Campaign is to change peoples’ understanding and perception that urgency to urinate and small leakage is not normal. The campaign is targeted to citizens over the age of 50, as they are most likely to be affected by this condition and visits to the educational sessions will take place from now until the end of December 2017. The campaign aims to increase OAB awareness among Lebanese people and increase the number of current OAB sufferers who are actively managing their condition.

Mohamed Soliman, Regional Medical Manager at Astellas Pharma MENA/SSA, commented: “We are proud to be working closely with the Lebanese Urology Society on the launch of UroGuide and OAB awareness in Lebanon. Increasing knowledge about bladder health and abnormal urinary symptoms will empower patients and those suffering in silence to understand, take control of and improve their conditions.

The UroGuide is available to be downloaded from the Lebanese Urology Website

The material is for educational purposes only and should not be used in place of a consultation with health care professional.



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