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Code of Ethics

Compliance and integrity are key Astellas values.

Astellas EMEA Code of Ethics and Helpdesk

The Code of Ethics is a reflection of Astellas’ commitment to compliance and maintaining the highest ethical standards as we invest in our business and our patients. We own and share compliance individually, collectively and globally.

Astellas personnel and business partners are strongly encouraged to report any actual or potential breach of any law, regulation, industry guideline or Astellas policy or procedure, including the Code of Ethics. Astellas has a policy of non-retaliation against those who raise a concern in good faith. All escalations are treated with respect and due process.

Code of Ethics Helpdesk

Tel:     +44 (0) 203 379 8211

Application of the Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics applies to all full-time and part-time employees, directors, officers, and temporary staff of the Astellas EMEA region. It may also apply, in whole or in part, to agents, consultants, contractors, or other individuals or entities who act on behalf of Astellas, if so stipulated in relevant contracts with those individuals or entities. In this Code of Ethics, any and all individuals and entities subject to this Code are referred to as “Astellas Personnel.”

Astellas and Astellas Personnel must always comply with the letter and spirit of applicable laws, regulations, industry association codes and company policies and procedures in addition to the principles set out in the Code of Ethics. Any non-compliance may result in disciplinary action.

The Code of Ethics applies to all companies and entities within the EMEA region — that is, Astellas B.V. and its subsidiary undertakings. They may be referred to collectively as “Astellas” or “the Company”.

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